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    UnlimitedWP has become a trusted resource enabling me to grow my agency. Their service enables me to confidently take on additional clients and look forward to a more efficient and scalable business.

    They've done an outstanding job for me on a number of projects. They are very talented developers and very easy to work with. Our project coordinator Akash delivers top-notch product and always meet deadlines. Highly recommend.

  • Hannah Picot

    UnlimitedWP has been the third company we have used to help us manage WordPress website work for our business and they have done an outstanding job. They are diligent, their technical knowledge of development work goes way beyond most outsource companies and they are always going above and beyond in anticipating our needs and helping us get the most out of our work together.

    My project manager Akash Joshi specifically is always available to answer questions, help with last-minute tasks and has taken over all of our maintenance tasks on his own freeing up me and my partner's time to focus on client development. If you are looking for a WordPress partner I highly recommend trying out UnlimitedWP.

  • Katy Martin

    I have teamed up with Unlimited WP for several years now. They have taken our website designs and built them out precisely in WordPress in my chosen theme and with the specific plugins that my agency uses. They have also continued to support my team and our clients with ongoing website tweaks and in this capacity, they are very prompt and thorough. I always turn to them for the more complicated development issues!

    Communication is easy and organized. They are very knowledgeable developers and very easy to work with. They deliver top-notch products and always meet deadlines.

    I highly recommend them to other digital agency owners.

  • Megan Evanosky

    I have been working with UnlimitedWP for about 9 months now and have been very pleased with their service. They, as a team, are very skilled and efficient. I have given them dozens of WordPress tasks and projects at varying levels of difficulty, and have been impressed with the outcome every time. As a Project Manager myself, I am very appreciative of the responsiveness of their Project Manager, Akash, and the daily updates that I can expect to have in my email before he leaves each day.

  • Mikala Morgan

    Our team has become so much more productive since we started working with UnlimitedWP. The best part is that we have our own project manager ensuring all of the projects are taken care of, understood, and properly prioritized. They will also handle just about any request given to them. Highly recommended!

  • Giovahnna Ziegler

    The team is amazing. I've been working with them for almost an year, and we only increased our partnership. The developers are incredibly knowledgeable, skilled, and delivery every task with professionalism, speed and the way we requested. They definitely go the extra mile when it comes to help us. I intent to keep working with them for as long as I can.

  • Chris Campbell

    I have been using the Unlimited WP now for a few months and they do a really nice job. The fact that I can scale up WordPress help when I need it for large projects is helpful. My project manager Akash is fantastic and communicates on a regular basis on the status of my projects. Outstanding service and I would recommend to others!